Dark Trap

November 4, 2021


226 Total Samples
107 Drum Loops (including Stems)
20 808 One Shots
25 Music Melody Loops
15 Music Chord Loops
10 Percussion Loops
12 FX Loops
16 FX One Shots
21 Drum One Shots

Dark Trap - a deep and dark venture into Trap, Hip Hop, and Horrorcore, inspired by artists such as $uicideboy$, Ramirez, Ghostemane, BONES, and Whiteye$. This pack, weighing in at 480MB, features an extensive range of both loops and one shot samples locked in at 130bpm, perfect for that bass-heavy dark sound.

Within Dark Trap, you’ll find:

Drum Loops (+ Stems): A selection of heavy, booming drum loops, containing a variety of 808s, Snares, Hats, and percussion. Each Drum loop also includes each individual track stem so different elements of the beat can be muted, edited, or replaced.

808 One Shots: A selection of deep 808’s for use in any production.

Music Melody Loops: A varied selection of melodies for your beats, including Pianos, Guitars, Synths, Bells, Strings, and 808 Cowbells.

Music Chord Loops: Synth Pads, Bells, Guitar chords, Piano chords, Synth Drones.

Percussion Loops: A selection of Cymbal, Rim, Clave, and Cowbell loops for adding extra groove and variation to your beat.

Drum and Percussion One Shots: A varied selection of Snares, Hats, Cymbals, and Rim one shot samples so you can sequence your own beats from the ground up, or add variation to existing patterns.

FX Loops: LoFi textures, Vinyl crackle, Synth bleeps and sirens, Industrial FX, Street ambience, Night ambience, and Glitches.

FX One Shots: Risers, Industrial Hits, Synth Bleeps, Pitch FX, Evil Laughs, and Breaths.

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