Chords help

If you aren’t familiar with music theory, here you are able to see which keys are used on different scales and different keys. Select different scales and keys and you will see all available keys in that scale which you can play. All music scale names are from FL Studio DAW, so some scales can have different names in other programs. The application below does not show all the music scales that exist, but only the ones that are most used for trap music productions.

Here is list of scales and their mood / atmosphere they produce:

  • Aeolian - Serious, Sad, Emotional, Sentimental
  • Arabic - Exotic, Mysterious, Latin
  • Harmonic Minor - Sad, Epic, Tragic
  • Hungarian Minor - Latin, Sentimental, Ambiguous
  • Locrian - Complex, Unstable, Exotic
  • Lydian - Hopeful, Dreamy, Yearning, Ethereal
  • Major - Happy, Light, Bright, Positive
  • Melodic Minor - Emotional, Classical, Sad, Hopeful
  • Phrygian - Exotic, Latin, Lively