Laptop vs. Desktop for music production

To choose between the laptop and desktop for music production is very difficult. Both are equally useful in their ways. If you are a travelling producer or a DJ, then the laptop will be very useful. But if you are an individual who wants to own a home studio, the desktops will be essential. And it also depends upon their needs because some may opt for laptops in the beginning and some may go for Desktops. Anyway, both Laptops and desktops have many pros and cons.

The overall opinion is that only when you plan to travel for work with your new laptop, you should choose a laptop instead of a desktop. Another disadvantage of the laptop is that it cannot be upgraded and breaks easily when not handled with care while you travel. The laptop which comes with i5 and i7 processors is good for music production. But at the same time it will tear off your pockets while you will get a good desktop with the same processor in the same budget. A desktop performs well and it has high durability compared to laptops with the same hardware specifications. If you want to use your workstation for live shows, or plan to use your workstation on the street or road, then a laptop may be what you are looking for.

Desktops are very easy to upgrade and that is a major advantage.
By experience, a laptop may function for three to five years, according to its hardware components while the desktop runs for about ten years if used carefully and updated from time to time. So as previously suggested laptops can be used only if you are a travelling producer or actively involved in gigging. The next question, taking into account computing power considerations, is whether mobility or portability is a priority for your needs.

Laptop Configuration for reference purpose: You may need at least 2.2GHz i7quad processor with 4GB RAM up to 8GB RAM or even higher, 64-bit operating system, 256GB of internal storage, SSD or HDD and 15 inch screen. These are the minimum specifications required in a laptop for music production.
Desktop Configuration for reference purpose: You may need AMD R52400G CPU, Stock Vega 11 iGPU graphics card, MSI B450-A PRO motherboard, 16GB DDR4-2400 (2*8GB) RAM, SSD storage of 250GB M.2SATA and HDD storage of 2TBS SATA, Seasonic Focus 450 Gold power supply, Stock CPU Cooler, Deep Cool Tesseract case and Windows 10 operating system.
Also, there are many more configurations available in the market. The above mentioned are just for reference purpose. You can even avail other configured laptops and desktops for a budget-friendly price. Every individual has different specifications and they can build their desktops and laptops according to their needs.

Finally, if you are a music lover and if you are mad at making music, then we recommend owning a desktop. But every individual has their own needs and accordingly, they can choose what best suits them.