Best VST Plugins For Trap Production

When you want to buy Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plug-ins, you always expect lots of customizable options; editing sound options; frequency controller; pitch controller and other lots of factors. There are five best VST Plug-ins for Hi-Hop Production.


– Hats are a drum machine by Audio thing which has dedicated hats and cymbals sound.
– The Hats synth plug-in is for beginners because it has a simple user interface and easy controller option.
– Their noise and sound sections are completely independent for synthesis.
– The sample sound of the hats comes with more than 50 music, which ranges from drum to hats and cymbals.
– Each source can process with four different effects, and the results of the source can also be modified to our needs.



– Sektor is a synth plug-in by the Initial audio with lots of customizable options and an easy user interface.
– Sketor gives lots of information for editing sound and modifications of sounds.
– It allows you to record sounds to create your beats and also have lots of sample sounds which will help you to expand your creativeness.
– Its oscillator has mostly all kinds of wave frequency and also has a sub-oscillator to add an extra sound to your need.
– It has over 750 unique presets and 200 wavetables which can match the changing fashion of music.


Hybrid 3

– Hybrid 3 is a synth plug-in of AIR Music Technology. It is initially released in 2017 though it is two years old it really can match up the sounds that are in use today.
– It comes with over 1200+ preset sounds which come with customizable options.
– Hybrid 3 has 200+ patches with incredible customizing options. There are six oscillators in it.
– The hybrid 3 has two synth page with its filter, modulator, etc. which can run in parallel.
– It has many futuristic options like doubling knob, envelope editor, and high definition oscillators.


Vacuum pro

– AIR Music Technology also introduces vacuum Pro. The most exciting factor about this VST is it has a tube in it, two software tube, which is not an equal match for the mechanical tubes but it is comparably great.
– The interface is designed as the vintage outlook to give old user experience.
– The interface is straightforward to use and also it gives lots of information about your sound, which is very useful for sound editing and creating.
– The vacuum pro consists of four oscillators with a polyphonic synthesizer. The vacuum pro comes with 350+ patches and presets.
– It has eight smart knobs and macro-control, which controlled vital parameters.



– Xpand! 2 is an advanced synth plug-in introduced by AIR Music Technology.
– It has the most advanced and futuristic features with a new type of controls, additional sound sets, and for its incredible specific way of minute editing software.
– It consists of 64 voice mode per part.
– It also has over 2000 presets and samples.
– The Xpand! 2 comes with six smart knobs, and each knob changes its functions depending on the parts selected.
– These smart knobs will help you to give a natural editing interface. It also has two digital effects processors which allow you to access 50 editing effect options.
– It has multiple sound generations engine and sample playback option.


So here, we discussed the five best VST Plug-ins for hip-hop production. So select the VST plug-in that will be more suitable for you.